In a stunning return to form, Gaza86 smashed the field to win by over 30 seconds at the Round 4 race at Interlagos on Wednesday.

An 8 car grid took to the Brazilian home of Formula 1 with Gaz losing the lead early after a poor start. By turn 1 of lap 2 he was made his way past Rusty and never looked back.

Topazzar in the Team Rekusasu SC430 finished in 3rd place while Deadman took 4th and another livery trophy, making it two for the season for him and his team.

Round 5 is to be held at St Croix, France on November 21.

Final Race Results

  1. Gaza86
  2. Rusty
  3. Topazzar_
  4. Deadman001
  5. Muleburger
  6. Yogibearrr
  7. Antstar
  8. Afterburner1