Team Rekusasu and driver Topazzar celebrated their first win of the season at the GT-Racers debut at the 10km long St Croix track in France.

After missing the early race carnage, Topazzar was able to extend a massive lead over the eventual 2nd place, Deadman, his best result for the season. Championship leader Gaz was a notable absentee from the grid after sustaining a hand injury during the week. His closest rival, Rusty was unable to capitalise after finding early strife mid pack only to destroy his chances of a comeback by spinning out late in the race, sustaining serious damage.

Muleburger found enough pace to cross the line in 3rd for his best result of the season

Round 6 sees the drivers take on the Suzuka 300km race on November 28.

Final Race Results

  1. Topazzar_
  2. Deadman001
  3. Muleburger
  4. Yogibearrr
  5. Rusty
  6. Antstar
  7. Afterburner1