Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?
The community began as a group of Australian Gran Turismo fans seeking to have some friendly yet robust online racing since the days of Gran Turismo 5. Most of the members met and organised on a major Australian computing forum. Due to the demand from others beyond the forum community to join, the decision was made to pilot this site and forum to allow new members outside the computing forum's community.
What sim do you use? What cars?
We currently hold our championships in Gran Turismo: Sport on Playstation 4. The past two seasons have been run in Group 4 and Group 3 categories with Balance of Performance on. The cars / format of the championship and eligible cars are dependent on community discussion and voting.
What is the calibre of the drivers in the community?
Ability varies between drivers, but we have relative beginners to long time championship contenders participating. Generally, speaking there is always some close competition no matter your ability.
Are you taking new members right now?
Not as yet. We are still in development of this site and we are currently focussing on the community as it for now. We will open it up soon, when we feel comfortable the site and the community is strong enough to allow it.